Be it a whole army, or a single mighty Hero for you to display, all you have to do is ask! You’ll be contacted by our Expert Mekboy, who will guide you through the options at your disposal!


We offer, among the other services, also the assembling of your models: you only have to give us the specifics, and we’ll do it for you. 


Would you like to make your opponents envy you for a wonderful, never seen before, personalized model? There is a part of a standard model that you really don’t like, or you figure that should be somehow different?  You have an idea, but you don’t know how to make it real?


The Orco Nero Studio offers you the chance to have bases with different textures and colors, all personalized! Let our experts suggest you how to make your models astonishing on the battlefield!


The Tribe offers its expertise for making your models wonderful. Orco Nero Studio offers you different levels of paintings, devised upon your needs and budget. Be it a model for just play, or the model you always dreamed to have perfectly painted, we can do it!



Stop with the complications of buying your minis and ship them somewhere to have them painted….stop with the costs of couriers to have your minis delivered to the painter, the delays in the shipments, the disappearing of the shipments… All this make the Boyz very, very angry! So…stop with the shipments!

The Studio can purchase the miniatures for you from any producer: the Staff will take care of everything for you! You just have to give them the indications for assembling and painting…

and comfortably sit waiting for your army to be delivered home!

You know? The Studio has a special 20%  discount on all Games Workshop products (that are not listed as “direct” on the GW website): not bad, uh? 


Fill in the form here below: we’ll reply as soon as possible.

(That, or the Grot responsible for the delivery of the mail to the Boss will be eaten for breakfast, obviously)

You can also send an e-mail directly to, if you really don’t trust the Grot!


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