We offer different levels of paintwork: Gold, Silver and Bronze (the most frequently asked) and the Platinum (that is ideal for showcases). The vast majority or of works are requested with the Silver level, but you can choose to use different paint levels for different units of your Army (i.e. a regiment with the Silver level, and the hero with the Gold one).


Showcases Models

It is the highest level possible: maximum level of details, freehand painting and special effects, Non-Metallic-Metal, etc. It is suggested for showcase models.


Heroes and Elite Models

It is the highest level for playable models. The care for details is maximal, with freehand painting and special effects. Suggested for major pieces of the army, like heroes, monsters, vehicles, elites.



It is the ideal level for troops, with the best quality/price ratio. Highlighting and shadows, good level of details.


Large Units and Large Numbers

The cheapest level available. Ideal for large numbers of models. Base colours and shadows. Ideal for low budgets!

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