The tribe is always ready to serve! But…what can we do for you?

In this page, you will find the main services that are offered by the Studio.

You can ask for them singularly, or in any combination: the only limit is your imagination.



Everything starts from a careful assembling of your model.



Something is not looking so good? You would like to have something really unique? This is the service for you! We’ll make your miniature a truly outstanding model!



The Studio can magnetize your models: you will be able to field all options for your models!



The painting service is structured into different tiers, based on the level of detail that you want for your miniatures: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. 




The base of your model is as important as the model standing on it. As our wise and mighty Boss says, the base has the fundamental role of exalting the model, framing the model and exalting its characteristics!


Doubts? Perplexities? Curiosities?

Here you can find all the questions that most frequently are laid in front of the Mail Totem of the Tribe…and most important: all the answers!

The Studio works exclusively on Games Workshop products?
No! We worked on many models of other Producers like Confrontacion, Malifaux, Kronomaster Arena, Historical, etc. We also paint models from tabletop games like Bloodrage, Zombicide, etc.
Do you have a price list for your painting services?
No, we analyze each work singularly in order to customize the offer according to number of miniatures, requested details, model complexity and any other “extra” service (as described in the “Services” section).
If I ask a quotation, do I have to pay?
No, all information is for free! For large works is also offered a “free trial”: we’ll paint a model following your requests, you’ll be then free to decide whether use the Studio or not.
Any discount?
For clients that entrust us with large works, or that periodically use our services, we offer discounts. The Studio has however already a 20% discount on the Games Workshop models (those not “direct”), and we are constantly looking for cheaper couriers to reduce the costs for the clients as much as possible
How long does it take to have the job done?
Usually, painting a character or a basic troop takes a couple of weeks since the miniature/s arrive/s. We can shorten the times for urgent works (but it will cost a 10% more). Large armies have longer terms, but these will be specified beforehand with the client.
Can you purchase the models?
Sure! All GW models can be purchased by the Studio, sparing you the costs for shipping us the models. For large works, we also offer special discounts on purchase. We buy the miniatures from all the major producers and retailers.
Do you offer additional services to painting and assembling?
Sure, many! See the dedicated section for details. Ore ancillary services include the use of magnets for your miniatures, allowing you to field models with many different options (like, in the Gallery, with the Stonehorn/Thundertusk and the Kairos/lord of Change models). It is particularly useful for the weapon options of WH40k models, or for the supports of for 9th Age regiments.
Bases are included in the painting?
No, we usually leave them black as the client wants to make them consistent with the rest of his/her Army. We can realize also the bases, from the simple painting to the creation of whole dioramas.
Should I accept the quotation, shall I pay immediately?
No, the standard procedure is the following: once accepted the quotation, you ship your models to the Studio and we’ll immediately start to work on them. Once done, we’ll send you pictures, collect your feedbacks and fix any shortcomings and – once satisfied- you will pay for the job.
How can I pay?
We use the most common payment systems: Paypal, Postepay, Bank transfer, etc.